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Power Heart Treats Menstrual & Menopausal Symptoms

Helps Menopause, aches & pains


Dr. Tena Walters’ expertise in magnetic therapy comes from over 20 years of working with breast cancer patients, who often suffer menopausal symptoms because of the effects of chemotherapy or the drug tamoxifen. While many drugs have traditionally been prescribed to help with these symptoms, the one solution she’s found to be of most benefit is a small magnetic device (similar to MAGNETIX Wellness’ “Power Hearts”) placed in the knickers – the same device which can also help young girls with menstrual symptoms or general aches and pains.

In one uncontrolled trial of 504 self-selected women, levels of suffering were found to be significantly reduced after the use of magnets. Over 50% saw an improvement in menopausal symptoms in the first month, with 75% seeing an improvement in three months.


As one of MAGNETIX Wellness’ bestsellers, their “Power Hearts” contain powerful neodymium magnets which have decorative counter plates that allow them to be reliably attached to clothing and bandages and can be worn particularly close to the body – just where you want it. Small but effective, Power Hearts can be fastened to your clothing to target specific problem areas. Examples of use can include your back, shoulders, neck (inside a shirt collar for example), knees and other joints (using non-medical bandages for sports injuries) and of course, the lower abdominal area to tackle menopausal symptoms or even period pains. Simply place the Power Heart where you want to target pain and let them work their magic!

Many sufferers of crippling conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis – where inflammation of the joints or muscles can make getting about extremely difficult – have reported that since wearing magnets on affected areas the body, it eases pain and speeds healing.

Among MAGNETIX Wellness’ bestsellers include their attention grabbing “Energizing Water Sticks” – ideal for alleviating headaches, migraines or even boosting energy for your daily wellbeing; “Tennis Collection” of jewellery – a range of timeless classics combined with the benefits of magnets for joint pains in your fingers/wrists.

The Power Heart

This magnetic heart is highlight of our magnetic jewellery : a strong magnet holds Power Heart and counter piece tightly together, which is why the magnet can be worn so effectively on any clothing and thus close to the body.

In this attractive version, you will receive the Power Heart in an attractive combination of decorated stainless steel and copper core, the counterpiece is made of shiny stainless steel in the same pattern.

Copper is prized by many people because of its anti-inflammatory effect. In naturopathy, it is used for the relief of vein problems.

+ Can be attached to various parts of the body

+ Strong magnet with 2,200 gauss

+ Antibacterial characteristics due to copper

+ For back, shoulders & neck

Do you know? The power heart can be combined with our compact cold or warm compresses for inflammation and pain.


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July 3, 2020

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