How Magnetic Jewellery can help with your wellness - Sunkissed Tanning & The Nail Workshop


Magnets revitalise the human body keeping it in ‘full swing’ through ensuring circulation to all the body’s main organs is efficient and so we feel ‘full of life’. This is because blood is the substance that gives us life. Blood circulation ensures almost all the processes within the human body. These include providing oxygen, vitamins and enzymes. In order to stay fit and healthy, all vital substances must be transported in all directions, quickly and in sufficient quantity. This is where the power of magnets comes into play. Magnets activate this metabolism and, as such, promote physical functions.

In 1954 Linus Carl Pauling discovered the magnetic characteristics of haemoglobin, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry to mark his achievement. This discovery is of particular significance because besides its function as an oxygen carrier, iron also plays a key role in the metabolism that takes place within cells. Iron is also a key energy carrier – which can be magnetised! Wearing magnetic jewellery and accessories stimulates the supply of nutrients. In addition, we use Neodynium magnets which are the newest, most powerful, most expensive and longest lasting on the market today.

This also explains why so many different ‘general symptoms’ affecting the body, such as insomnia, arthritis, sports injuries, migraine, menstrual pains, mood swings and general tiredness, can be improved.

Wearing magnetic jewellery and accessories stimulates the supply of nutrients to all the major organs and give the body a natural boost.  Therefore our circulation is the secret to our wellbeing helping our body to feel in ‘full swing’ naturally.